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The Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee is led by Representative Adam Holmes of Zanesville. Holmes introduced House Bill  545 which would continue the marketing and dumping of radium waste in Ohio's neighborhoods and farmlands. The bill actually prohibits regulation and oversight of of this toxic liquid.
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Dear Representative Holmes,

My name is ______________, and I am a member of the Ohio Brine Task Force. I have been as have hundreds of concerned citizens been concerned about the spreading of toxic radioactive oil and gas waste on our public roads. Our group is opposed to HB 545, the bill you introduced, as we have been opposed to all previous bills, including HB 393 and SB 165.

This bill takes away what few protections are currently provided by Ohio law under the rules followed by ODNR. ODNR will never be able to regulate anything in the use, production, or distribution of AquaSalina or ANY product made from brine oil and gas waste for sale to be used as a deicing or dust suppression on our roads.

Special attention must be given to the facts that:
1.    Outside resources approving deicing products nationally do NOT test for radioactive materials, most importantly Radium 226 and Radium 228.
2.    ALL things oil and gas are currently regulated by ODNR, and products made from oil and gas waste should be no different. ODNR opposes this bill!!
3.    There is currently no study in Ohio that states that the use of oil and gas waste as a deicer or a dust suppressant is SAFE.
4.    The testing done by ODNR for Radium 226 and Radium 228 in AquaSalina reveal levels as much as 300 times higher than federal or state law allows for discharge into the environment! If it is against the law to discharge more than 120 pCi/l into the environment, then this bill contradicts current law!