The Facts about "Brine"
The Buckeye Environmental Network has an excellent fact sheet that will give you a good overview of the radioactive waste being dumped on our roads. It is based on testing done by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Click the button see the facts about "brine". 
America's Radioactive Secret
Justin Noble conducted a two year investigation of toxic oilfield waste in Ohio and surrounding states. His article was published in Rolling Stone Magazine. Click the button above to see the article.
Pop some corn and pull up a seat. Here is a short video from Justin Noble, a journalist who has been investigating the radioactive content in the oilfield waste that is pumped under our aquifers, glutting our landfills, and  dumped on our roads. The dangerous levels of radiation he speaks about were confirmed by tests conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural resources. Despite the test results, Ohio's elected officials and regulators  are refusing to act to protect our homes and families from the policies dictated by the oil and gas industry.

Toxic Waste from Oil-and-Gas Wells

In this excellent audio podcast Justin Noble  is interviewed by  Public Herald investigative journalist Joshua Pribanic.  

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The Fracking Boom hit Ohio and turned our state into the waste center for the oil and gas industry when John Kasich became governor in 2011. The New York Times was publishing  articles warning about the dangers of radioactive oilfield waste back in the 90's. Here is an article titled "Radiation Danger Found in Oilfields Across the Nation" written by Keith Schneider on December 3, 1990. The industry has a long history of poisoning the environment surrounding their operations - and they have been allowed to do it.